How much does a weather balloon cost?

Weather balloon flights are becoming available and cheaper with time, amplifying research opportunities for hobbyists and scientists, along with young people just learning how science works.

Recently, for instance, school kids have lofted a few balloons to the stratosphere, including three carrying a Hello Kitty doll, a Lego figure, and bobble-head versions of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. But how much does a weather balloon cost? Don’t worry; TRI Space has answers

The cost of weather balloons isn’t consistent, depending solely on the provider and the specifications you’re after. However, if you want to go for something reliable, we suggest you purchase the 1200g weather balloon from High Altitude Science.

Priced at $120, this weather balloon is nothing short of a workhorse. It can transport your payload higher than any other 1200g balloon that you might have come across. In comparison to the Indian and Chinese weather balloons, it’s expensive, but for all the right reasons. It offers superior quality, allowing you to accomplish higher altitudes with less helium, smaller size, and less cost overall.

Don’t be fooled by 1200g weather balloons that cost less. Usually, they have fat, short necks that are difficult to tie off. Their 1200g weather balloon features a 3cm diameter and a 14cm long neck. This facilitates your ground crew in tying the neck easily after the balloon is inflated.

It’s expensive, but is it worth it?

Going by the customer reviews, it’s definitely worth it. With its 5 star rating, it has never received negative feedback. In fact, one teacher commented that he launched seven successful balloons with his students in the AP Physics course over the last four years, approaching more than 78,000 feet of confirmed altitudes when launching 1200g payloads in the very first year. In the subsequent year, 800g payloads were launched that approached the confirmed altitudes of more than 107,000 feet. In the year after, 117,000 feet of confirmed altitude was reached with 500g of payload.

If one is looking for a reliable weather balloon, he should definitely invest in this. However, other manufacturers with lower costs may also be used if your budget is a bit too tight.