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The Common Challenge People Face

Making your weather balloon reaching over 110,000 feet with cameras and science experiments isn't a easy task and it can be expensive. For your Weather Balloon to reach over 110,000 feet you will need reliable electronics that can stand the harsh temperatures and the altitude so that you feel confident when you launch your Weather Balloon. A lot of people do a weather balloon project as a DIY project and this is where so many things go wrong like losing your Weather Balloon project because your electronics stop working. And as a person who does these Weather Balloon projects wants to help others have a successful launch so I designed a Weather Balloon Kit that will solve all the problems that people would have to face when doing a Weather Balloon project for the most affordable price. So it encourages others to try a amazing experience of making a Weather Balloon project and watch fly to 110,000 feet with amazing footage!

Introducing Something That Will Solve That Problem

Introducing The Dove Kit

The Dove Weather Balloon kit is designed to solve all of those problems and is engineered to handle handle whatever challenges earth will give it. The Dove Weather Balloon Kit is one of the most reliable Weather Balloon Kit on the market. It's also the most affordable on the market because we strongly believe in making it affordable for everyone. We of course have to mention the customization options that this has to offer unlike any of the other competition. The kit comes makes it so much easier to have your own Weather Balloon project and offers way more. The kit comes in 3 different versions but all 3 kits comes with almost everything you would need for a Weather Balloon launch!

The Dove Professional Weather Balloon kit is an amazing kit for people who want their weather balloon to go as high as it can. The kit is capable of lifting the most amount of weight than any of the others and has a burst altitude of around 100,000 to 110,000 feet! This is the one to go if you want stunning high altitude footage.

Beginners Edition

Advanced Edition

Professional Edition

The Dove Beginners Weather Balloon Kit is the perfect kit for anyone who is starting or wants a simple weather balloon project. It comes with instructions and almost everything you would need for a launch. This kit offers the weather balloon altitude range from 85,000 to 95,000 feet.

The Dove Advanced Weather Balloon Kit is the right kit for people who want a weather balloon project that is not to simple but not too advanced. This weather balloon kit burst altitude ranges from 95,000 to 100,000 feet! This kit is the just right out of the 2 other Dove Kits becasue

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