If your interested is doing a weather balloon project you’ve landed at the right place. We sell high quality weather balloon kits that lets you build your own weather balloon project that will go up to 140,000 feet! Our kits are extremely affordable and also extremely customizable so it will fit your needs.

Ours Weather Balloon Kits Are Extremely Customizable

We believe that your payload should be made how you want it to be. Our kits lets you pick what data do you want to collect and lets you customize your payload and even what you want inside the payload.

We Provide High Quality Weather Balloon Kits

Our kits let your project stand the tough environment your payload will have to go through. It will help keeps your electronics warm from the extreme cold, and is durable for hard landings and when falling at high speeds.

Weather balloon kits

Hurry up! Normally, this item sells for a whole lot, but it’s currently on sale. So grab them before the supplies last. Don’t waste your money on a low-quality balloon that prematurely bursts, wasting expensive helium, or worse, becomes a floater and landing your payload 3-4 states away.

Purchase our weather balloon today and start planning your next near space mission. Who knows what you might discover up there?

At TRI Space, we believe in offering our customers with the products of the highest quality. This ‘little engine’ has the capability of transporting your payload higher than any other weather balloon. Although it’s a bit more expensive than Indian and Chinese balloons, its quality is quite superior. This allows you to accomplish higher altitudes with the less overall cost, less helium, and smaller weather balloon. We’re sure that you would be satisfied with the quality of our weather balloon.

The weather balloon kit by TRI Space comprises everything that you need for successfully launching a space balloon. The very lightweight polystyrene probe offers sufficient space to launch a number of cameras on their journey into the stratosphere, protecting the equipment against extreme temperatures. The robust build safeguards the technology during landing, and the wings attached to the sides mitigate the rotary movement for more stable shots. Besides, there’s a weather balloon with the corresponding parachute and a reliable GPS tracker for locating. The battery pack reliably supplies the power so that the whole flight may be recorded. This concept has been tried and tested many times, and it’s exactly the combination that TRI Space successfully uses for each of its flights. Usually, a weather balloon kit comprises:

Follow us with a full tutorial on how to do a weather balloon project

We provide a full lesson from start to finish on doing a weather balloon project. In the lesson it will explain everything you will need to do and know for a weather balloon project. The lessons are completely free and you learn from the best.

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We sell several type of weather balloon kits so you can find one that fits what you want your project to do. If you need help picking a product you can contact us and tell us what you want your project to do and we will help you find the best one for you.

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